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Lots has developed in my life since I last posted because I got into the PhD program of my dreams! With Funding! So, yay me! I have also been working my tail off to get this blasted website in some semblance of working order (Grrrrr!). Enough about all of that though, the good news is that I have resurfaced and just in time to bring you something astounding.

As you know, I focus a lot on social justice work in my personal life and in particular with Lgbt+ community issues. In my experience, I have learned that the greatest tool for social change is awareness created by people sharing their personal stories. I have recently come across a very talented new pagan author and friend, Hamsa Joshua.

In one of their latest works they detail their life as a trans person and reflect on the meaning of the events therein. I found this piece incredibly moving on merit of its honesty and poignance. As a gender fluid individual not identifying as a man nor as a woman, there were several aspects of Hamsa Joshua’s that hit me close to home. I am very grateful to have read it and even more so that Hamsa Joshua has allowed me to share it with you here. For any denizen of the Great Gender Non Binary or our allies, this is a must read. I will also be providing a permanent link to Hamsa Joshua’s website in the Links section.

Post-Trans by Hamsa Joshua

May Brighid’s Fiery Arrow Light Your Way,


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