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As you already know by now, my name is Jude. I hope you are enjoying my website and everything it contains. This little corner of my site is dedicated to sharing a little bit more about myself with y’all. As you have probably guessed from my word choice, I am a native Texan (yeehaw). I am a graduate student in paleoanthropology, and am presently finishing up my Master’s Degree. I am a first degree witch and priest of the Braided Wheel tradition of Wicca (we are kitchen witches!), and am presently working on my second degree in that tradition. I am also an avid social justice activist working primarily in intersectionality and lgbt issues. In my pagan path I practice an Irish/Welsh Celtic pantheon; my patron deities being Brighid and Gwyn ap Nudd (Neith). That’s really all for now, but if any of y’all have questions about what I post or perhaps about human evolutionary biology, I’m your go to person!

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Fun Facts:

Western Astrology – Aquarius/Pisces cusp, rising Gemini, & moon in Aries.

Chinese Astrology – Metal Sheep

Full Moon or Dark Moon – Dark Moon

Un/Seelie – Both

Hogwarts House – #BadgerPride