Country Pagan/City Pagan

Howdy all,

I have been trying to explore new creative outlets recently, and so I thought that today I would post the first in what I hope becomes a series of comics on ThisPaganLife.

Country Pagan/City Pagan is inspired by the contrasts between my life experiences as having been a pagan in the big city (NYC) and now living back home in small town Texas.

I should note that I, in no way, intend disrespect to the practices of pagans who either prefer smaller scale rituals or who have to do so due to space constraints as I once did.

To all my friends up in the north east, I love and miss y’all. Drawing these reminds me fondly of our time together.

Lastly, credit for the subject of this first comic came from my best friend for the past ten years and coven sister, Bobcat. Nothing without you.

Hoping you laugh at this as much as I do.


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