Inaugural Post

Howdy all,

My name is Jude J. Magaro-Padilla. ThisPaganLife is my personal website that covers an array of my personal interests as well as some of my work in various fields. ThisPaganLife embraces my personal philosophy of acknowledging how my various identities intersect and inform one another. I am a witch, yes, but this is only one facet of my life that creates my narrative. Rest assured though, while I won’t always be discussing paganism, it will be a main focus of my writings here. In addition to my own contributions, on occasion I will be inviting some of my friends and colleagues to give commentary on a number of subjects from ritual structure to politics. I am excited to share my perspectives and the experiences that inform them on topics both magical and mundane. Welcome, quite literally, to my world.


Jude J. Magaro-Padilla